At Level Up Hoops Academy training programs use customized formulas for skills, speed, strength, and fitness that are proven to work by elite athletes around the world. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of your training and get you on the fast track to success.


Transform the way you perform by correcting deficiencies + by strengthening dominant muscle patterns specific to your sport.


Many young athletes suffer unnecessary injuries in the weight room, many of which can be avoided through the education of proper lifting techniques as well as intelligent programming designed to avoid overuse conditions. Level Up Hoops athletes are educated to make smart decisions in their own training when they leave for college.


Sports are all about power. Power is the explosiveness when you’re hitting, throwing, sprinting, jumping, and making contact with opponents. Power protects your joints and aids in preventing injury. At Level Up, we help you develop that sport-specific power, teaching you the proper technique to lift weight effectively. Using advanced technology, we test and provide feedback on your explosiveness. Created by us, our training programs are custom designed for your stage of athletic development.


To get to the next level every athlete needs speed. Speed is a winning advantage that you don’t have to leave to chance. We use a proven formula, based on biomechanics and motor control, to develop speed you can use in your sport.


Cardiorespiratory Endurance Training aims to increase the efficiency of the heart in transporting blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body, making it an essential component to overall health. Contrary to popular belief, cardio training does not need to involve long bouts of steady state training (as commonly seen on treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bicycles in commercial gyms) but can be accomplished through intelligently programmed metabolic conditioning circuits. At Hoops Academy, our athletes enhance cardiorespiratory conditioning by working smarter, not harder.


At Level Up we define mobility as flexibility + strength and control. Oftentimes muscles can feel tight when, in reality, they are holding greater tension due to a lack of stability somewhere else entirely. In this instance, stretching alone will not resolve the perceived tightness. Our global assessment allows us to identify and rectify such areas of immobility and instability. Once the problem areas are identified and a plan formulated, the Level Up athlete is taught several methods of self myofascial release, band assisted joint mobility, and 3-dimensional joint stability training.


The functional purpose of the core is to support the spine and rib cage while the extremities are moving through space. Therefore, the purpose of core stability training is to educate and condition the athlete to properly align the joints to ensure the efficient transfer of force throughout the body, all while maintaining optimal length-tension relationships during dynamic movement.


An often neglected integral part of optimal sports performance, balance and footwork training offers the collateral benefit of reducing injury potential, while helping the athlete to evenly distribute his/her center of gravity to remain upright as well as his/her footwork during different game time circumstances, resulting in a more stable body that help an athlete achieve better coordination, increased agility, proper balance, adequate reaction time and proprioception, to become faster, efficient, more powerful, but most importantly, less prone to injury. Our tailored programs include drills, exercises and training that are specifically designed to fulfill your needs, defined to your sport and position.

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