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About Andy Saharan 🏀

Andy Saharan is a remarkable individual with an impressive background in basketball. Having once been a Division 1 and professional player, his wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport is unparalleled. After his successful pro basketball journey, he decided to give back to the basketball community by founding the Level Up Hoops Academy.

Throughout his own basketball career, Andy achieved exceptional feats, earning a full athletic scholarship and becoming one of the leading scorers on his team. His talent even led him to rank among the Top 30 scorers in the entire NCAA nation. Despite facing setbacks due to injuries, Andy's determination and love for the game never wavered. He persevered and eventually secured a spot on a professional basketball team in the UBA.

Now, with the Level Up Hoops Academy, Andy is making a significant impact on young athletes' lives. His passion for mentoring and training is evident in the way he helps kids realize their potential and become standout players on their teams and within their communities. His training methods are widely respected, having honed his skills under the guidance of top NBA trainers, such as Wayne Slappy, Dave Hoopla, Jordan Lawley, Gannon Baker, and Jared Lloyd.

At the heart of his coaching philosophy is the belief in hard work, discipline, and perseverance, values he strives to instill in every aspiring athlete he mentors. Andy's dedication to helping young players grow and excel in the game of basketball makes him an exceptional mentor and coach, inspiring the next generation of basketball stars to reach for greatness.

Level UP Hooops
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