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Elevate Your Game with Level Up Hoops Academy - Train Personally with Andy Saharan at the Skill Lab on YOUR Schedule...

Get The EXACT Skill Enhancement Training We Use With
NBA™ Players And Top Talent around the world… On Your Terms!

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Basketball has become a position-less sport, making it imperative for all players to be able to handle the ball under pressure, and get to their spots on the court to score and facilitate the offense.

Work On The Key Skills That Distinguish The Pros From The Amateurs At Private Facility 🏀

Imagine how much your game and performance will increase when you spend between 2 to 30 days training with Andy Saharan.


"Experience the identical Checklist Training approach that Andy Saharan has employed with top NBA™ players, top college players, and standout high school athletes."


Andy, along with his groundbreaking methods, has played a pivotal role in nurturing numerous high school and college standouts not only within our local community but also on a global scale."​​


















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Certainly, here's the updated list of accomplishments for Amoree Ferrell, including the additional information:

  • **First Team All-League (2022):** In 2022, Amoree Ferrell earned the prestigious honor of being named to the First Team All-League, showcasing her exceptional basketball skills and performance within her league.


  •  **League MVP (2023):** In 2023, Amoree further solidified her status as a basketball standout by securing the League Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, a testament to her outstanding contributions to her team's success.


  • **High School Scoring Record (48 Points):** Amoree Ferrell left an indelible mark on her high school's basketball history by breaking the school's scoring record, amassing an impressive 48 points in a single game. This remarkable achievement reflects her scoring prowess and determination on the court.

  •  **D2 All-CIF First Team:** She has also received the distinction of being named to the D2 All-CIF First Team, recognizing her as one of the top players in her CIF division.


These accomplishments underscore Amoree Ferrell's exceptional talent and dedication to the game of basketball, setting her apart as a formidable athlete and leader in her field.

Simply choose how many days you want to spend training with Andy, and level up your basketball skills.


The skills you master with Andy could open the door to potential basketball scholarships and accomplishing your basketball dreams.


You could follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful basketball players on the planet!

Private Training With Coach Andy 🏀

  • Single Private Session

    Skill Enhancement Experience
    Valid for one month
    • 1hr Skills Development
    • 100% Attention Focused To the Individual Player
    • Basketball IQ Development
  • 8 hours With Andy

    8 hour Skill Enhancement Experience Program
    Valid for one month
    • 8 hour Detailed Orientated Program
    • 100% Attention Focused To the Individual Player
    • Duration 1 hour
  • 15 hours with Andy

    15 hour Skill Enhancement Program
    Valid for 60 days
    • 15 Hour Detail Oriented Program
    • 100% Attention Focused To the Individual Player
    • IQ Development
  • 20 hours with Andy

    Skill Enhancement Experience
    Valid for 3 months
    • 20 Hours Detail Oriented Program
    • 100% Attention Focused To the Individual Player
    • Basketball IQ Development
  • Best Value

    40 Hours With Andy

    Basketball Transformation
    Valid for 6 months
    • 100% Attention Focused To the Individual Player
    • Skills Program Specifically For You
    • Strength & Conditioning Catered To You
  • Year Tuition

    Every year
    Ultimate Player Transformation
    Valid for 2 years
    • Unlimited Private Sessions
    • Custom Plan To Hoop Dreams
    • Become a college prospect*
  • Discounted 10 Pack

    Local HS Kid Only (Must be Approved By Coach Andy)
    Valid for 2 months
    • 1 hr
    • Have A Chance To Work With The Best
    • Get Mentored By A NBA Skills Trainer
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